What I’ve Learned from 20 Years at Panther Camp

July 2019 was my twentieth year attending Panther Day Camp, a summer camp for type 1 diabetics.  Me, Camp Daughter/Podcast Co-Host Jessie, & My Husband Tim It’s hard to believe diabetes camp was in my life for so long! This camp has taught me a lot about life—not just my disease. Panther Camp helped shape […]

Why I Hate That Health Insurance Controls My Life

I turned 26 in 2019. One of the most defining things about me is that I have had type 1 diabetes for over 27 years. And because of that, I basically need health insurance to live. The current state of the pharmaceutical industry and all the outrage over insulin pricing hits home for me. I’m […]

What Burnout Looks Like in a Type 1 Diabetic

What is diabetic burnout, and why is it important and dangerous? Imagine, for a moment, that you are the main character in this story.  You’ve just turned fifteen. For the past few weeks, you’ve been feeling lethargic, have had to pee a lot, and your weight has dropped considerably more than would otherwise be considered […]

World Diabetes Day is About Visibility

November 14th is World Diabetes Day.  It’s a day intended to promote awareness and education about diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes. I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1995. This post is to talk about why it’s important to be willing to speak up about things, especially our invisible illnesses. Be Open I was once […]

What is Type 1 Diabetes and Why You Should Care

Even if you haven’t read anything about this disease, you’ve probably heard about diabetes. Something about sugar, right?   It’s more common in fat people. Someone’s friend’s grandma had it and needed a foot amputated, maybe. Another person probably went blind from it.   These things can happen, but those stories tell you nothing about what […]

25 Truth Bombs to Make You Re-Think Type 1 Diabetes

I’ve had type 1 diabetes since age two. Diabetes education is near and dear to my heart, especially since I went to diabetes camp for 20 years (1999 through 2019). Let’s dive in, shall we? 1. T1D is not preventable You either get it or you don’t. Changing your lifestyle won’t prevent your pancreas from […]

The Stress Associated with Type 1 Diabetes

This post was originally written and published on Inspired Forward, my first blog, in 2018. My T1D life has evolved significantly over the last 5 years, and accordingly, this post has been updated.  I have Type 1 Diabetes. That means my pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, and I have to give myself that insulin. I use […]

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