Episode 236: How Meditation Impacts Diabetes, with Peter Friedfeld

Peter Friedfeld, co-founder of DiabetesSangha, talks about self-compassion, mindfulness, and meditation with T1D.

Peter Friedfeld was diagnosed with T1D on Valentine’s Day at age 55. In the years since his unexpected thrust into life with type 1 diabetes, he’s developed deep self-compassion through yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Join us this episode to hear more about his late-adulthood diagnosis, his work with DiabetesSangha and the Diabetes Research Institute, and […]

Episode 235: What to Do When “Authority Figures” Get Diabetes Wrong

what to do when authority figures get diabetes wrong

Like it or not, some “authority figures” in the medical space get diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes, wrong. Whether it’s a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, dietitian, professor, or someone in your family, it’s important to know not only how to recognize when they’re wrong, but also how to stand up for the truth when they do. […]

Episode 234: Diabetes by the Decades

diabetes by the decades featured image

What’s the history of type 1 diabetes since insulin was discovered in 1921? We have come a long way from animal-sourced insulin and needles that had to be sharpened after multiple uses. Sometimes it’s mind-boggling to think that T1D was a straight-up death sentence just over a hundred years ago. With that in mind, Jessie […]

Episode 233: The Imperfect Journey to Embracing T1D, with Taralyn Jamieson

Taralyn Jamieson shares her journey with T1D and experiencing T1D complications after 28 years.

Taralyn Jamieson was diagnosed at 8 years old and spent most of her 28 years with T1D trying to ignore her blood sugars. It wasn’t until she settled down in her personal life that it became a priority to get her health under control, but by then it was too late to avoid complications. Taralyn […]

Episode 232: Our Support Systems

Learn more about T1D support systems.

Have you ever wondered what exactly we mean when we say “support system”? In this episode, we break down what T1D support systems are, why they’re important, and what ours look like. Now It’s Your Turn… If you need help figuring out where to start with your support systems, send us a message. We’ll do […]

Episode 231: Journey to Resilience – Advice from a T1D Physician Mom

Dr. Maureen Michele talks about building resilience as parents of kids with chronic illnesses.

Dr. Maureen Michele, an MD and parent to a T1D kiddo who also had pediatric neuroblastoma, joins us to shed light on why it’s so important for parents to understand and embrace resilience. As scary as it is to see your child diagnosed with T1D, it’s also scary to navigate it while dealing with fear, […]

Episode 230: 2023 Year in Review + 2024 Goals

Jessie & Colleen review their 2023 T1D (and other) goals and set new goals for 2024.

With the changing of the years comes a new set of annual goals, and this year is no different. Join us in this episode as we review what happened for us in 2023, both on the T1D front as well as the rest of our busy lives, and as we talk about our plans for […]

Episode 229: MVP: The Honeymoon Period

Jessie and I talk about what the honeymoon period is, how long it lasts, who gets it, and why it only happens once.

The honeymoon period happens right at diagnosis, if it happens at all. In this episode, Jessie and I talk about what the honeymoon period is, how long it lasts, who gets it, and why it only happens once. This is an MVP episode from our very first year of podcasting. Now It’s Your Turn… Did […]

Episode 228: Getting Back into Routine Post-Holidays

The last two months of the year can feel like a whirlwind of “let’s just throw out all our routines” because Halloween kicks off the season of candy, food, get togethers, more food, family drama, even more food… you get the point. By the time we land in the week between Christmas and New Year’s […]

Episode 227: MVP: A Lifetime of T1D, with Richard Vaughn

Hear from Richard Vaughn, who has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for over 77 years now.

Diagnosed at age 6, Richard Vaughn has lived with it for over 75 years now. Richard joined us on the podcast to talk about his experience with so many years of T1D.The most surprising thing I learned? Richard did not know his blood sugar for 40 years. Now, age 81, he has very few complications […]

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