Thinking about exercising and sports with type 1 diabetes? Jessie and I talk about our experiences in depth with both. 

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I do not consider myself athletic at all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t exercise or “play sports”. We share what we did growing up, and what we do now.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: She managed her blood sugars well during a power outage! The first snow of the season killed power on MSU’s campus.

Colleen’s Fail: I ripped a site out today! First in a long time, but it was on my upper thigh so still a new spot to get used to. 

Hack or Tip of the Week

Have different emergency plans for different emergencies. Power outages versus fires, versus earthquakes. What’s your plan? Think about it, if not write it down.

Listen in for our experiences with how exercising and sports impact our type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Spotlight

Our spotlight is on all of our listeners who are playing a sport currently or in the past. You all are the true MVP of the game. It is important to remember that you are doing awesome just for putting yourself out there and working hard on your goals. 

Question for You!

What was your favorite sport that you have done or currently doing? How did you handle your blood sugars?

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