Learn how T1Ds can navigate the drinking culture in college, especially if you’re underage and feel pressured to drink. Jessie is in the thick of college and has noticed a lot about the drinking culture on campus. 

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Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: Went on a pre-dawn hike with a friend, in the snow. It was pretty foggy, but my blood sugars behaved the entire time with just two smartie rolls, exercise mode, no breakfast, and zero lows or near-lows.

Jessie’s Fail: While she found all the buildings for her classes this semester, she didn’t scope out all the classrooms, and got lost for one class.

Tip of the Week

On college campuses you might not need a designated driver, especially if you’re within walking distance of college bars. So instead of having a designated driver, have a designated friend who stays sober who can keep an eye on you, and remind you to check your blood sugar or ask if you’re okay if you start acting strange. Remember, you don’t have to drink to have fun.

Jessie is in the thick of college and has noticed a lot about the drinking culture on campus. In this episode, we talk about how type 1 diabetics can navigate that culture in college, especially if you're underage and feel pressured to drink when you don't want to.

Diabetes Spotlight

The spotlight this week is on College Diabetes Network’s “Off to College” resource designed for type 1 diabetics going into their university years. In it, they give some advice about drinking alcohol with diabetes.

Question for You!

If you’re out of college, our question for you is, how did you handle college drinking culture and your diabetes? And if you’re in college or going there soon, what are your impressions of that scene and what are you worried about most?

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