Wondering how diabetes impacts productivity? The highs and lows can definitely impact work and focus, both in an employment setting and in school.

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In this episode, we discuss what that looks like, things within a company’s or school’s control to help T1Ds, and ultimately what you can do for yourself to be as productive as possible with type 1 diabetes.

While most of us already have the experience of feeling like physical crap and having to go to work or school regardless, I want this episode to be a resource for schools and employers too who may not understand the impact they can have on the people with type 1 diabetes in their spaces.

Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: I postponed my last Saturday hike to Sunday because of some BG trends that would have sent me very low on the hill if I’d gone when I originally planned. 

Jessie’s Fail: Let her reservoir get to zero while still on campus before going home to change it out.

Tip of the Week

Assess your comfort level with speaking to your teachers or employer about your type 1 diabetes. If it’s required at some level, at least meet that requirement, but if you’re not comfortable sharing anything beyond saying “I have type 1 diabetes” then own that.

If your employer knows that you have diabetes, it can help ease the mental worry around its impacts on your productivity.  

Learn how your type 1 diabetes impacts work and productivity, and how to mitigate it.

Diabetes Spotlight

Julia Toothacre, my career coach, sparked the idea for this episode. We were discussing my company’s insurance resisting covering Novolog. (And still resisting at the time of this recording in May 2022).

Julia came on the podcast for episode 81 to share her experience with gestational diabetes, which fortunately did not develop further.

Episode 81: Gestational Diabetes, with Julia Toothacre

Question for You!

How have you noticed the physical symptoms of your blood sugars impacting your work and productivity at school or on the job? We’d love to hear from you.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi. As I was listening to episode 144, and dealing again with my Covid hangover (Long Covid), it struck me how similar the symptoms are with my high and low blood sugars. I had Covid in January 2020, and to this day still deal with brain fog and breathing difficulties. The brain fog is very similar to the brain confusion I experience with low blood sugars.

  2. I was DX with T1 @ 11 my low today was 34 I lost the ability to feel low, the rebound was 390.. corrected 1:60 walked 30 min dropped to 160, I've been like this for well over 40 yrs at DX it was called Brittle now that term wants to be gone. I feel so sick on recovery. Non diabetics don't understand many employees especially at a hospital I worked at for 15 yrs were unsupported, I was let go and frustrated, it is now my disability no day is the same. It's hard there is no magic it just sucks

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