How do you love type 1 diabetes? It’s a jarring question that most T1Ds don’t ever consider. How can ANY T1D love a chronic incurable condition that, at times, does its very best to kill us in our sleep?

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Most people do not love their T1D, and it’s never more clear than when we ask guests what their favorite thing about T1D is. They usually talk about the community or the resilience they’ve learned from having it, or getting a better picture of their health than before, which are great things, don’t get me wrong.

We look at diabetes as a problem we can’t solve, something wrong with us that we can’t fix, and a scapegoat for all our rollercoaster emotions.

But what if none of that is true? Listen in to learn more.

Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: My last hike was a bit longer, and I think I’ve finally figured out how to preempt bad lows on the hill, which is so fun! 

Jessie’s Fail: She has to move out of the dorms, which is really stressful when paired with finals.

Tip of the Week

Whenever you feel mad at your T1D, remember that being mad at something doesn’t mean you can’t love it. It just means you’re mad at it right now, and that’s okay.

Do you love your type 1 diabetes? It's a jarring question. In this episode, we talk about ways to actually love your T1D without blame or resentment.

Question for You!

What ways do you love your diabetes right now, as it is? If that question is too challenging, consider ways you could learn how to love it in the next week.

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