July 12


Episode 152: You’ve Been Diagnosed with T1D… Now What?

So you've been diagnosed with T1D... Now what? For the newly diagnosed people with diabetes, use this episode as a reference for what you might encounter in the first day, first week, first month, and first year of diagnosis.


Being diagnosed with T1D is scary, especially if it came out of the blue. Just know that you are not alone with this condition. There is a huge community ready to rally around you and support you as you adjust to this new reality.

So you've been diagnosed with T1D... Now what? Listen in for tips on how to handle a diagnosis encounter and beyond.

Powerful Question / Journaling Prompt

If you were diagnosed as an adult, think about the things that you wish you had known in the first year. I encourage you to share those insights with your diabetes community, wherever it is. If it’s on IG, tag us @thisistype1pod.

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Recommended Books for Newly Diagnosed T1Ds (Affiliate Links)


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