September 6


Episode 160: Three Years of Podcasting!

This is Type 1 is 3 years old! We share some stats & accomplishments, and our lessons learned across all sorts of life domains not necessarily related to podcasting. 


Turns out, running a podcast made us resilient, consistent, better communicators, and much more comfortable with messing up. When you pick something like a podcast and stick with it, you'll be surprised the wide variety of lessons you'll learn along the way.

In 3 years of podcasting, we've become more resilient, consistent, better communicators, and comfortable with messing up. Listen to find out more about what Jessie & Colleen learned.

Powerful Question / Journaling Prompt

What have you learned over the past 3 years of listening to us? If you’re a recent listener, what’s stuck out the most from the episodes you’ve heard?

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Our music is by Joseph McDade. Check out his website here!

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