This week we’re talking about our diabetes stories! When were we diagnosed? How did our parents know? How many pumps have we gone through?

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Jessie and I talk about what it was like growing up with type 1 diabetes. Our diabetes stories are somewhat similar, though spaced apart by about sixteen years. Listen in to find out how we dealt (and deal) with it at school, why it took me (Colleen) so long to get a CGM, and what our treatment setups look like now.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Got out of the water halfway through surfing to check blood sugar and make put in some insulin instead of letting her blood sugar go too high.

Colleen’s Fail: I picked up a cold at the Seattle Scottish Highland Games and since sickness drives blood sugars up, I had to inject insulin to assist my pump with bringing down my blood sugar.

Hack of the Week

If you’re not using Tandem’s Control IQ algorithm, you can use temporary basals to help bring down high blood sugars or prevent/mitigate low blood sugars. A 0% basal is sometimes better than suspending the pump!


Now it’s Your Turn…

What’s your diabetes story? Jessie and I are always interested in hearing diagnosis stories and all about others’ experiences with this disease!

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Our music is by Joseph McDade. Check out his website here! Our audio wizard is my husband Tim. He runs his own food blog called Split Appetites.

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