Ultramarathoner Nathan Barden has a vision that youngsters with T1D believe they can live normal lives and achieve big goals and dreams. Nathan’s motto? T1D shouldn’t stop you from doing anything—and he’s a living example.

No matter where you’re starting with T1D whether as a kid or an adult, it does not have to hold you back. Listen to this interview with Nathan to get inspired!

Meet Nathan Barden

Ultramarathoner Nathan Barden shares how T1Ds can push the limits to do incredible things even with a half-dead pancreas.

Nathan has been a Type 1 Diabetic for 44yrs since the age of 4 and competes in Ultramarathons. He has been a 2 times Australian Middleweight kickboxing champion and competed at the 24hr Mountain Bike World solo championships in 2010. It would appear he has a liking for pushing the physical boundaries of being a diabetic! Nathan documents many of his endurance adventures on his growing YouTube channel to help inspire other Type 1’s to achieve their health and fitness goals.

He is currently writing an autobiography about being a diabetic and an ultramarathon runner.

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