August 29


Episode 211: Take Control of Your T1D with Ben Tzeel

Ben Tzeel is a lot of things: T1D since age 7, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, strength and conditioning specialist, AND the founder of Your Diabetes Insider.

Ben turned himself into a science experiment after diagnosis and went against the grain of what he saw other T1Ds doing and going through. Determined not to let T1D become a "life sentence", Ben pursued his passions in sports and turned the doubts of others into his fuel.

Outdated diabetes education stops millions of PWDs from taking control of their bodies and BGs, but not for Ben! He knows you can have your cake and eat it, too, and on this episode, he shares how.

Meet Ben Tzeel

Learn how CDCES, RD, and Your Diabetes Insider founder Ben Tzeel turned the tables on his diagnosis by experimenting with his T1D management.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 7, Ben discovered at a young age that people turn a diabetes diagnosis into a life sentence. Dreams vanish, favorite foods can no longer be enjoyed, and having a body one is proud of is impossible.

Refusing to follow this narrative, he grew up against the grain and turned himself into a science experiment. In result, Ben pursued his passions with sports and training while turning other's doubts into fuel. Along the way, he became determined to not let the decades of outdated diabetes education continue to stop millions of people with diabetes from taking control of their bodies and blood sugar.

Now, as a certified diabetes educator, certified strength and conditioning specialist and registered dietitian, he knows you can have your cake and eat it too. He helps hundreds of men and women get control of their blood sugars, lose weight while eating the foods they love, and live their lives without limits.

Your Diabetes Insider is a team of registered dietitians and diabetes experts who specialize in helping people living with T1D and T2D manage their blood sugars while eating foods they love, losing weight and gaining strength.

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