Myriam Roy, a T1D from Quebec, Canada, has lived with T1D for over 25 years. With her psychology background and research into the science, she was able to prepare and plan for her pregnancy such that she had a natural, complication-free experience without medical intervention.

While all pregnancies have an element of luck involved with whether things go according to plan, Myriam defied the expectations many T1Ds face from both doctors and society. Listen in to find out what you can do to reduce your pregnancy risk as a T1D.

Meet Myriam Roy

Myriam Roy joins us to talk about T1D and how she had a natural complication-free pregnancy without medical intervention.

Myriam was diagnosed with T1D just before her 2nd birthday. She experienced all her growing up years while juggling diabetes. Nevertheless, she never let that stop her from achieving her goals. She has traveled to over 10 countries worldwide, has a passion for cooking and baking delicious cakes, and enjoys the outdoors. Recently, she gave birth naturally and successfully to a lovely baby girl. Her goal is to inspire young women through her experience that it is possible to achieve your dreams while living with T1D and, more specifically, it is possible to experience an empowered pregnancy and birth experience even when living with a chronic health condition.

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