Today we’re talking with Lonny Stormo, CEO and Founder of POPS! Diabetes Care. Lonny tells us about his pain-free, Bluetooth-connected, app-based, fully integrated blood glucose meter that works with any major smartphone. 

The POPS! Diabetes Care system is designed to replace the traditional glucometer + lancing device method for testing blood sugars. It’s for all the people who don’t use CGMs (or don’t want to use CGMs). It includes Mina, a virtual coach who basically gamifies the experience of checking your blood sugar.

Meet Lonny Stormo, Founder of POPS! Diabetes Care

Lonny Stormo is the founder of POPS! Diabetes Care, a company that developed a simple, all-in-one meter that connects wirelessly to an app on a phone—showing weekly and monthly trends at the touch of a button. Lonny founded POPS! with the intent of putting simple technology in people’s hands to enable them to Own Their Life®.

Connect with Lonny on LinkedIn, on Instagram and Twitter (@lonnystormo), or by visiting his website,

Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: For the most part, working from home, I’ve noticed that my blood sugars have been a lot more in range than when I go into the office. I’m not sure if it’s correlation or causation, but I’m happy with my super good numbers.

Jessie’s Fail: She ate about 50 grams of carbs worth of homemade muffins over two days, but also ran about 8 miles. Feeling a bit of cabin fever from the pandemic lockdown.

Tip of the Week

Don’t put too much insulin in your reservoir. I like putting more than I need in because I think I don’t want to run out, but then I’m in day 4 of the set and the insulin isn’t working as well as it should. Make sure you only put enough insulin in to last 3 days, with maybe a tiny bit extra in case of a high-usage day. 

Diabetes Spotlight

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Now It's Your Turn...

Is the POPS! system something that you would find useful to have on the back of your phone? Have you ever used the system before?

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