In this episode, we talk with Stacy Juba, an author whose daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and found her life turned upside down. 

Stacy Juba talks about putting her writing on hold during the first year of diagnosis, and how diabetes plays a part in her stories now.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Jessie had some bad insulin but changed it out before her blood sugars got way out of control.

Colleen’s Fail: I have noticed some personal unwillingness to really think about what diabetes complications actually look like. I watched the PBS documentary, Blood Sugar Rising, and one of the main stories the documentary followed was of a man in his mid-thirties who ended up with an ulcer on his foot and had to get his toe amputated. It was an uncomfortable reminder that some people do not take care of themselves. There’s a real reason our doctors tell us to make sure we can feel our feet, and to take care of ourselves.

Hack of the Week

If you’re on a long car trip and your meter has a low battery, you can use a cigarette port charging “block” in place of a wall-outlet port to charge, if the end of the cable is a USB port. Be careful though, since it’s not the manufacturer’s charging block and could damage the meter.

Question for You!

Have you ever read a book where the main character has type 1 diabetes? Share the titles in the comments!

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