July 21


Episode 49: T1D Caregiver Support, with Kristin Roth

Kristin Roth gives T1D Caregiver Support to parents of newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics. Her program, T1D Caregiver Kickstart, guides and supports parents who are struggling with their child’s diagnosis and wading through the fear, trying to figure it all out for themselves. 


Kristin’s goal with T1D Caregiver Kickstart is to support parents (caregivers) of newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic children bridge the gap from that diagnosis day to being a CONFIDENT caregiver.

Wins & Fails

Colleen's Win: My last A1c was 5.4%! This makes two years with my A1c consistently staying at or below 5.9%.

Colleen's Fail: There are still some days where my blood sugar will rise for seemingly no reason, especially in the morning. I know the morning rise is dawn phenomenon, and I’m still dialing in / guessing what to bolus before I unhook for the shower, since no matter what it always goes up, even if I’m riding the line at 88 or so. 

Hack of the Week

If you’re on a Tandem t:Slim pump and find that it doesn’t complete boluses or extended boluses, try giving the bolus with the pump placed away from your body. I keep my pump in my bra, and if it doesn’t finish a delivery, I will give the rest of the insulin with the pump on the desk or on my lap.

Question for You!

Do you need Caregiver Support? Do you know a parent of a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic child who could use a coach like Kristin? Reach out to Kristin or send us an email, and we’ll get you in contact with her.

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