In this episode, we’re talking about what it’s like working corporate or in an office job with type 1 diabetes. Many diabetics worry about disclosing their condition to an employer, but as you’ll hear, that decision is up to you even though we recommend letting at least your manager know about it.

I’ve always had a positive experience sharing my diabetes with my coworkers. Working corporate is actually pretty good for my blood sugars, and I’ve never understood the people who actively hide their diabetes. 

Of course, everyone’s different and everyone has a different view and level of comfort. I’m incredibly comfortable sharing my condition not just with my manager and my team, but also pretty much everyone in the office. It’s not a secret for my coworkers.

Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: My win is staying hydrated through the extra hot weather that Washington recently experienced. Staying hydrated keeps blood sugars more level. Without air conditioning, we have to strategically open and close windows and shades to maximize the cool air.

Jessie’s Fail: Jessie went overboard with shopping and overspent a bit more than she’s happy about. 

Tip of the Week

I recently realized that I can look at my basal history on my Tandem t:Slim pump and find out what Control IQ basal changes happened in the hour before I wake up. This lets me make better decisions about what to do before and after unhooking for my shower.

Diabetes Spotlight

Our spotlight this week is on JDRF.

JDRF is funding research into three new types of insulin—drugs that act more authentically like insulin produced by the pancreas in people without T1D by working faster, making it to the liver and being glucose responsive. 

  • Ultra-Rapid Insulin 
  • Liver Targeted Insulin
  • Glucose Responsive Insulin (also called GRIs, or smart insulins)

JDRF is the leading research institution for type 1 diabetes, and I’m excited to see this research continue in the future.

Now It's Your Turn...

Do you work in a corporate setting with type 1 diabetes? What are your challenges or struggles with managing it, or even with talking about it with your coworkers?

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