In our first ever guest episode, episode 4, we talked to my sister about her perspectives. Today we have Jessie’s brother Charlie Tuggey on the show to share his perspectives as a sibling to someone with type 1 diabetes.

Jessie takes the lead on this interview with her brother Charlie. We find out what it was—and still is—like to live with a sister who has type 1 diabetes.

Meet Charlie Tuggey

Charlie Tuggey is Jessie’s brother. He’s currently in school and produces skateboarding videos on YouTube.

You can find Charlie on Instagram @chugtug.chip and @leahilllocals.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Jessie successfully adulted by handling the aftermath of her truck being hit in a hit-and-run. 

Colleen’s FailMy fail was having lows a few times this week which needed more Smarties than I’d like to bring me back out of them. It’s a sign I need to go adjust my ratios and sensitivity in my pump settings.

Tip of the Week

Keep backup supplies on or in your nightstand. This will help if you end up having to get up at 1 or 3 AM to change your site.

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Now It's Your Turn...

What are some that your siblings want to know about diabetes? What are some questions they have about diabetes?

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