In this episode, we talk with Julia Toothacre, a career and life strategist from Ride the Tide Collective. She had gestational diabetes and shares how that diagnosis changed her life not just during pregnancy, but the lasting effects it’s had since then.

This interview with Julia was super high energy and she has a LOT to share about gestational diabetes.

“The doctor told me, you have to change your entire diet overnight, or you’re going to kill your baby.” ~ Julia Toothacre

Meet Julia Toothacre

Julia is a career strategist and coach at Ride the Tide Collective. She equips ambitious professionals to strategize and take action to advance their career. She has a podcast, provides digital products, and is launching a coaching program in 2021.

You can connect with Julia on LinkedIn, Instagram @ridethetidecollective or on Facebook @ridethetidecollective.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Jessie started weight training and going to the gym on a semi-regular basis. She’s prepping so that when she’s in college she’ll be a lot more comfortable going to the gym on her own.

Colleen’s Fail: I overbolused to bring down a high on the last day of an infusion site, and ended up being low all night despite having a lot of Smartie rolls.

Tip of the Week

Take a second before doing something stressful to breathe and center yourself. Just getting in touch with your feelings can help calm you down.

Now It's Your Turn...

Who do you know that has faced gestational diabetes? Is it a celebrity, or maybe a family member?

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