Today we’re chatting with Kristina Loskarjova, an entrepreneur and businesswoman with type 1 diabetes. Her message? That anyone, anywhere can pursue their dreams.

Kristina Loskarjova joins us to talk about entrepreneurship and growing up with parents who taught her that nothing can hold her back.

Her book, Yes You Can, tells the stories of multiple T1Ds who proved that they can do whatever they set their minds to.

Meet Kristina Loskarjova

Kristina Loskarjova is a spirited businesswoman and author diagnosed with T1D at age 3.

She considers herself lucky to have been raised by parents who believed she could do anything in life. 

She has some amazing experiences under her belt: winning fashion design competitions, earning a business degree, starting her own company, and writing a book—all while successfully managing her health.

Kristina now shows other T1s that any chosen lifestyle is possible. Anyone, anywhere can pursue their dreams.

You can connect with Kristina on Instagram @kristinaloskarjova or @yesyoucan_t1d.

Grab her book, Yes You Can! on Amazon (affiliate link). 

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: She attended in-person college orientation at Montana State University! She got a good feel for the campus, took care of all her own transportation, food, and diabetes needs.

Colleen’s Fail: Our first trip to the apartment complex pool ended up with a long low.

Tip of the Week

Bring a small bag on vacations to bring your diabetes supplies with you when you’re out and about. Myabetic makes great options for this!

Now It's Your Turn...

Have you heard of Kristina’s book? If not, go grab a copy on Amazon! (Affiliate)

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