November 9


Episode 117: T1D Maternity, with Cassie & Mikayla

Do you have questions about T1D maternity? Cassie and Mikayla, registered dieticians and lactation counselors, specialize in helping T1D mamas thrive through pregnancy and postpartum. 


Maternity with T1D doesn't have to be overly stressful. If you are a T1D woman who wants to have kids, or you're currently pregnant or on the journey to it, Cassie & Mikayla specialize in helping you get through it with less stress and fewer (if any) complications. 

Meet Cassie & Mikayla

Cassie & Mikayla, specialists in T1D maternity care, share what's involved in having a healthy pregnancy with diabetes.

Cassie & Mikayla are both Licensed & Registered Dietitians and Lactation Counselors who specialize in Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding. They have been working with women for over 3 years helping them:

  • Prep their body to get pregnant and stay pregnant
  • Avoid pregnancy/birth complications through nutrition and lifestyle
  • Achieve goal A1C's
  • Avoid postpartum flare-up
  • Prep for birth and breastfeeding
  • Heal postpartum and successfully breastfeed

Mikayla and Cassie are so excited for you to start your journey on the right foot with Mamas Maternal Health!

Connect with them on Instagram @mamas_maternal_health or on their website,

Wins & Fails

Jessie's Win: She's been using her calendar and writing down when her HW is due.

Colleen's Bonus Win:  You know what, I’m claiming a win for this week because when this episode airs, I’ll be just two days past my 26th diaversary. I’ve never really been big on celebrating it, it’s just another day, but if I take a moment to really think about it, living 26 years with T1D is kind of awesome. I’m proof that it’s not a death sentence. We’ve interviewed so many people who are proof that anyone can thrive with diabetes. So, here’s to the rest of my life with T1D.

Cassie & Mikayla, specialists in T1D maternity care, share what's involved in having a healthy pregnancy with diabetes.

Hack or Tip of the Week

Find a calendar you like and stick to it! If you hate the calendar you won't use it.

Question for You!

Do you know any T1 moms or T1s who want to be moms? Send them to this episode! We’ll get them connected with Cassie and Mikayla.

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