Candace Chambers shares her experience as an African American woman being misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetic during her PhD program.

Candace is full of tips for graduate students dealing with health difficulties and how to self-advocate.

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She also has a diagnosis story involving alligators.

Listen to find out more about that!

Meet Candace Chambers

Candace Chambers shares how her LADA was misdiagnosed as type 2 during her PhD program.

Candace Chambers is the CEO of Educational Writing Services, LLC, where she providescollege admissions and scholarship coaching to high school students, conducts college readiness and scholarship essay writing workshops throughout the U.S., and provides editorial services to students and professionals.

Candace was diagnosed with T1D (LADA) at age 27, initially misdiagnosed as type 2. Thanks to a gynecologist’s skepticism a year later, she was properly diagnosed with T1 and felt a major sense of relief at the news. Listen to the episode for more about that!

Connect with Candace at her website,, on Instagram @candacechmbrs, on Twitter @candace_writer, or on Facebook @candace.chambers.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: She planned her sensor out perfectly! The timing behaved within an hour of when she wanted to change it out on Friday.

Colleen’s Fail: My last infusion site on my leg was a bruise the entire time. It must have hit something weird, but the site still worked despite being tender the whole time.

Tip of the Week

Figure out different carb-free drinks besides water, especially if water gets boring for you. You can try sparkling sodas, Crystal Lite, and Mios.

Candace Chambers shares how her LADA was misdiagnosed as type 2 during her PhD program.

Question for You!

Have you ever been misdiagnosed for something? Were you misdiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes like Candace was? Let us know!

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