Allison Nimlos, the Diabetes Therapist, shares about mental health essentials for type 1 diabetics. She has a lot of wonderful advice for people feeling distressed and burned out with the ‘betes.

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We talked about diabetes distress and the common problems she sees in her clients. Allison also shared about the upcoming Diabetes+ Mental Health Conference in May 2022.

Meet Allison Nimlos

Allison Nimlos shares mental health essentials for type 1 diabetics who are looking for therapy or health coaching.

Diagnosed at age 8, Allison Nimlos is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, a diabetes health coach, and a type 1 diabetic for over 25 years. She became a therapist to help people navigate life’s disruptions. When not working, Allison spends time with her husband and two sons, hiking and visiting new places, watching Netflix documentaries and comedy specials, and reading. 

You can connect with Allison on Instagram @thediabetictherapist, and find out what her current offerings are on her Linktree.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Jessie started moving her things around in her room at college, since her roommate moved out! That means she gets the room all to herself. With school and sports picking up again, it’s important to stay organized.

Colleen’s Fail: For hike #8 in 2022, I ate breakfast about 45 minutes before we started up the trail. I put myself on exercise mode half an hour before we started, and was 143 at the trailhead. We got within 4 switchbacks of the end of the trail before my BG decided to be 100 straight arrow down, so I had two smarties and we turned around instead of going the rest of the way.

Tip of the Week

Start with something small when you want to get organized, even with your diabetes supplies. Start with just one drawer, or cupboard, etc. Then you can either keep going, or if not, at least you got that one thing done.

Allison Nimlos shares mental health essentials for type 1 diabetics who are looking for therapy or health coaching.

Question for You!

What is the story you’re telling yourself right now about your diabetes? What are your mental health essentials?

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