November and December seem to derail a lot of healthy efforts among people, specifically when it comes to food. Since there’s a ton of multicultural holidays between Halloween and New Year’s, these two months spell doom for a lot of healthy habits, including for type 1 diabetics.

Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to make sure we don’t completely go off the rails for two whole months. These are also good tips for everyday life with type 1 diabetes, not just during the holiday season.

Listen to get all the details about these tips:

  • Planned exceptions
  • Alternate basal profiles
  • Increasing bolus ratios
  • Sticking to routines
  • Not beating yourself up for mistakes
  • Taking each day individually
  • Keeping supplies on-hand
  • “Know before you go”
  • Being prepared for stress
  • Ignoring others’ opinions
  • Remember what’s fun about the holidays

Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: Evidence shows that Jiu-Jitsu keeps my blood sugars more stable in the days following a session. I’m also getting better at figuring out what number I should be at before working out at the studio.

Tip of the Week

Try using dual/square-wave boluses, also called extended boluses, during holidays this year. Square and extended boluses divide a bolus into “now” and “over time”. Square wave boluses deliver a bolus over a longer period of time.

Diabetes Spotlight

Type 1 Diabetics can now pilot commercial flights!

In a significant regulatory change, the Federal Aviation Administration has relaxed its rules around who can fly commercial airliners. This is so huge. When I was growing up, the only two things they told me I couldn’t do was 1) go into the military and 2) fly commercial airplanes.

With all the amazing new tech out there helping us control our blood sugars a lot better than we did before 1996, it was only a matter of time before regulations like this one start to change.

Now It's Your Turn...

What’s your holiday kryptonite? There’s always that one dish that’s your favorite but also means super unstable blood sugars after eating it.

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