Competitive weightlifter Marylynne Allen joins us to talk about how to weightlift as a T1D. Diagnosed as an adult, she shares her struggles with re-learning how to exercise with T1D, and her encouragement for all T1Ds who are interested in learning how to weightlift.

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Once upon a time, I did have a personal trainer and weightlifted for a while, but the conversation between Marylynne and Jessie kind of went over my head! 

Bottom line: you can totally weightlift if you have T1D.

Meet Marylynne Allen

Marylynne Allen has been learning the highs and lows of being a T1D for the past five years.

Not only learning this but adding being a weightlifter into the mix, there is room for being stronger than what she has anticipated.

Connect with Marylynne on Instagram: @t1dandthriving

Learn how to weightlift with competitive lifter Marylynne Allen.

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