March 21


Episode 188: Easy Creates Hard

If you're like anyone else in the world, you probably wish things were easier. We're all too stressed out, right?

But doing things the "easy way" makes life much harder in the long run.

The cycle of world history goes about like this:

  • Hard times create strong men.
  • Strong men create good times.
  • Good times create weak men.
  • Weak men create hard times.

In this episode on the podcast, we focus on the hard times and how your reaction to those hard times can produce either an easy life, or a harder life in terms of T1D.

When you approach T1D with the mindset of doing the hard stuff now, it will make things easier down the line.

When we do easy things, life gets hard. But when we do hard things, life gets easy. This principle is true even with type 1 diabetes.

Now It's Your Turn...

Think about the ways you can make T1D easy, by doing the hard things now.

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