Jessica Freeman: entrepreneur, author, and athlete thriving with type 1 diabetes joins us on the podcast to talk about…

  • Burnout 
  • Growing up in a rural area (doctor was 4 hrs away!) 
  • Advice for partners of people with chronic illness 

Like many of our guests, Jessica is living proof that T1D does not have to hold you back. Listen in to hear more about Jessica’s story, and how she is not letting the ‘betes hold HER back.

Meet Jessica Freeman

Jessica Freeman talks about being an entrepreneur, author, and athlete thriving with type 1 diabetes.

Jessica Freeman has spent the last 30 years navigating life’s challenges with unwavering resilience as a wife, mother, and type 1 diabetic.

Diagnosed at the tender age of three, she has defied the odds and thrived in motherhood, business, and other aspects of life while managing the constant highs and lows of diabetes.

Jessica’s remarkable journey has culminated in her becoming the author of two books, “The Type 1 Life” and “The Type 1 Life for Adults,” which have brought hope and inspiration to thousands of people.

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