One of the most annoying thing about testing blood sugar is how much the lancets hurt… and how often we DON’T change the lancets even though we’re supposed to.

I readily admit that yes, finger pricks hurt, and also yes, I am usually too lazy to change the lancet. But apparently there are such things as PAINLESS lancets, made by Pip Diabetes Care.

Josh Pittman, CEO of Pip Diabetes Care, joins us to talk about painless lancets and other ways his diabetes product company strives to make life easier for PWD from all backgrounds.

Meet Josh Pittman

Josh Pittman from Pip Diabetes Care joins us to talk about painless lancets.

Josh Pittman is the CEO of Pip Diabetes Care, an e-commerce company supplying diabetic products across the U.S.

Pip was founded in 2019 to help diabetics live a less painful life. With over 3,500 five-star reviews, Pip is best known for their painless lancets, which Josh has sold to hospitals for over a decade.

Connect with Pip Diabetes Care on Instagram @pipdiabetes or on their website,

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