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Lauren Rapaport is the T1D Life Coach. Having lived with the ‘betes for over 43 years, she helps adult T1Ds and parents of T1Ds go from suffering to thriving by showing them how to change their mindsets about living with this condition.I had the privilege of meeting Lauren in person at an event with our mutual business coach, and it was a powerful reminder of the connection T1D creates in otherwise total strangers.

Meet Lauren Rapaport

Hear from Lauren Rapaport about her lifelong journey with T1D and how she came to be a life coach for PWDs.

Lauren Rapaport, The T1D Life Coach, is a Certified Life Coach based in Washington, DC. She has been living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) since 1979, diagnosed at age 3. Lauren helps adults with T1D go from suffering to thriving, by showing them how to change their mindset about T1D. Clients come to Lauren feeling hopeless, frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed living with T1D.

Through her coaching process, Lauren helps her clients accept their T1D, improve their relationship with it, and take agency over their thoughts and emotions so they can feel better, thrive, and live any life they choose to live.

Lauren is passionate about her volunteer work with JDRF, an organization dedicated to funding critical T1D research. She and her family have been avid volunteers since 1980. She currently sits on the Board for the MidAtlantic Chapter and has held many leadership positions for the organization. Her favorite event is the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes bike ride (she’s completed 11 rides, raising ~$170,000 in grassroots fundraising).

Follow Lauren on Instagram @laurenrapaportcoaching

Hear from Lauren Rapaport about her lifelong journey with T1D and how she came to be a life coach for PWDs.

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