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Patricia Daiker, owner and founder of Better Diabetes Life, joins us to talk about why fighting diabetes is counterproductive and how T1Ds can improve their lives with biohacking.Diagnosed at 26 as an ER nurse, she shares how medical professionals can miss the symptoms in themselves and how deeply many experience the denial of “this can’t happen to me”. Learn from Patricia’s experience in this jam-packed interview!

Meet Patricia Daiker

Patricia Daiker shares her T1D story and explains why fighting diabetes is counterproductive and how T1Ds can improve their lives.

Patricia Daiker is the owner and founder of Better Diabetes Life, a company who provides support and services to people living with diabetes. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1985 where she spent over 15 years bedside in Intensive Care and Emergency Services before transitioning to HealthCare IT in 2000. In 2017, she stepped away from corporate leadership and created programs to help people living with diabetes learn the coping skills necessary to avoid burnout and overwhelm. Always pursuing cutting-edge solutions, she is one of 700+ Board Certified Nurse Coaches in the US. This burgeoning holistic practice encompasses all aspects of the self – body, mind and spirit and helps each individual identify and address their personal barriers to better health. She has lived with Type 1 Diabetes since 1991 and has been pumping since 1999. She doesn’t believe in perfection, but is a Big Fan of “better every day”!She is the author of the Better Diabetes Life 5 Step Program which guides users to explore their personal barriers to wellness, wholeness, and change. She does not believe in “non-compliance” which is often cited as a reason for sub-optimal glucose control but rather understands that each unique individual has unique challenges rooted in grief, burnout, and trauma that make a diabetes lifestyle difficult. Healing is found in a person-centered approach that meets the needs of the individual.

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