Kaycee Parker, author of Devotions on Diabetes: A 30-Day Journey to Anchor Your Soul, joins us to talk about perspective shifts with type 1 diabetes.

How often have you thought that diabetes is a punishment from God? Kaycee’s devotional is the answer to that debilitatingly painful question. Having lived with T1D for over 30 years, Kaycee only just recently (within the last year or so) had the perspective shift that led to this powerful devotion book.

Meet Kaycee Parker

Kaycee Parker talks about perspective shifts with T1D, and how faith and T1D align.

Diagnosed at age 12, Kaycee has lived with diabetes for more than 30 years. With a degree in journalism and a storyteller’s heart, she has loved sharing stories as far back as she can remember. (She shrugs and blames her Irish heritage.)Through her blog and book, she takes her experience with type 1 diabetes and views it through the lens of the Bible.

Kaycee and her pastor husband have a love for God’s Word and discipleship, two beautiful children, and a rapidly aging dog.

She enjoys treating highs with insulin, treating lows with marshmallow fluff straight from the spoon, and treating diabetes as an opportunity to seek God and point others to Him.

Connect with Kaycee on Instagram @devotionsondiabetes

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