Dr. Maureen Michele, an MD and parent to a T1D kiddo who also had pediatric neuroblastoma, joins us to shed light on why it’s so important for parents to understand and embrace resilience.

As scary as it is to see your child diagnosed with T1D, it’s also scary to navigate it while dealing with fear, overwhelm, and grief from it.

Dr. Maureen shares practical tips for parents of kids with chronic illness to calm the overwhelming thoughts and be an advocate both for their kids and themselves.

Meet Dr. Maureen Michele

Dr. Maureen Michele talks about building resilience as parents of kids with chronic illnesses.

Dr. Maureen is a pediatrician, allergist/immunologist, life coach, and author who specializes in supporting mothers of T1D children.

She is a mother of three amazing children and has first-hand experience with being a parent of a child with long-term health issues (her daughter is a pediatric neuroblastoma survivor and a Type 1 diabetic).

Connect with Dr. Maureen on Instagram @maureenmichelemd

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