Taralyn Jamieson was diagnosed at 8 years old and spent most of her 28 years with T1D trying to ignore her blood sugars.

It wasn’t until she settled down in her personal life that it became a priority to get her health under control, but by then it was too late to avoid complications.

Taralyn shares why we need to talk about the reality of diabetes complications that are difficult to hear about, but harder to deal with if you actually have them.

Meet Taralyn Jamieson

Taralyn Jamieson shares her journey with T1D and experiencing T1D complications after 28 years.

From Ontario, Canada, Taralyn has been living with type 1 Diabetes for 28 years.

From daily injections, to insulin pump therapy, multiple “pump vacations” and now utilizing a CGM and closed loop pump therapy she has done it all!

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