So what is type 1 diabetes? Jessie and I discuss what it is, the roles of insulin and glucose (glycogen), why it’s so serious, and some risk factors related to type 1 diabetes.

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We also go through some common questions we get regarding our diagnoses. While there are no stupid questions, we’ve received some rude ones, and wanted to take part of this episode to debunk a few common misconceptions we hear a lot.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Sensor alarmed for an impending high after eating some chips with lunch, and Jessie was able to catch it with a bolus before it reached 300 mg/dL.

Colleen’s Fail: Edgepark (my 3rd-party supplies distributor) sent the wrong type of infusion site for my last shipment and I went from 3 months-worth of supplies to zero in one site change.

Hack of the Week

Keep old tubing when changing sets in case the new set (or box of sets) has the wrong connector (like the Luer-Lock sites Edgepark sent, instead of T-Lock sites.) This is really only a temporary fix until you get a new site!


Now it’s Your Turn!

What are your questions? What have you been dying to know about our experiences, or diabetes in general?

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Our music is by Joseph McDade. Check out his website here! Our audio wizard is my husband Tim. He runs his own food blog called Split Appetites.

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