How do you tell if you’re taking too much insulin? You can actually naturally reduce your insulin intake without resorting to rationing or drastic measures like diabulimia, especially if you know you’re taking too much and can safely cut back.

Many diabetics may be over-prescribed for their insulin. If you’re lucky to have really good health insurance and the ability to afford the copay for my insulin, this is great because it means we can stock up for the apocalypse (currently ongoing, thanks to COVID-19), but for others, it means that they actually use up all the insulin they’re prescribed (too much!) and end up with horrible blood sugars, gaining weight, or both.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Jessie wore her CGM during her wisdom teeth removal, so her doctor and her parents were aware of her blood sugars while she was under.

Colleen’s Fail: The night before a recent business trip, and after I overbolused for a high, I put on my “Fly” basal rate but ended up waking up five or six times during the night to correct lows.

Tip of the Week

Always stay up-to-date with what’s going on with diabetes in the news! Jessie found out about Medtronic’s impending updates before her doctor told her.

Listener Question!

Dan wants to know if my Dexcom Clarity stats were indicative of my low A1c.

The simple answer is no! Listen to the episode for my full answer to Dan’s question.

Diabetes Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is focused on the #insulin4all movement, which I first learned about from Molly Johannes in episode 28

#Insulin4All is a social campaign that unites the diabetes community to fight together for access to diabetes supplies, care, and treatment for everyone.

Now It's Your Turn...

Are you taking too much insulin? Are you trying to find ways to reduce your insulin dose without compromising your blood sugars?

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