I think every diabetic should have a diabetes coach, or a group of mentors or multiple coaches. Mentors are people who’ve been where you are and can provide advice and insight and answer questions about the nitty-gritty things that stump you as a less-experienced diabetic. They can tell you what’s worked for them, what to try that might work for you, and make recommendations based on their own experiences.

Coaches, on the other hand, are people who point out where you might be standing in your own way, show you how to work through situations they’ve maybe never experienced before, but have other experience that translates to your situation. My burnout might not look like your burnout, but I can offer perspective and point out where you might be spinning in your thoughts about it.

Coaches challenge you to break past your limiting beliefs about yourself, and mentors show you what kind of future you could have.

Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: I got coaching on my COVID-19 worries during my 20-minute coaching session and also unfollowed several people on Facebook who are freaking the eff out about the pandemic. I don’t need that extra stress in my life! 

Jessie’s Fail: Jessie hasn’t been checking her blood sugar as often while she’s home from school during the quarantine/lockdown.

Tip of the Week

Enter your diabetes information into the “In case of emergency” feature on your phone. If you’re incapacitated or unresponsive, that menu will help Good Samaritans get you the help you need!

Diabetes Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is on the Life Coach School Coach Certification program. Life Coaching is not a regulated industry, so TCLS ensures that all their coaches can actually do the work they teach instead of paying a few bucks for a seal to put on their websites. Some people call themselves coaches but have nothing useful to offer people. I’ve been coached since January 2020 by The Life Coach School coaches and by themselves, they’re worth every penny I put into Self Coaching Scholars.

Now It's Your Turn...

Who’s your diabetes coach? What mentors do you look up to? If you could get help with any area of your life, including diabetes, what would you want help with?

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