In this episode, Colleen takes on our first interview! You’ll hear about what it was like to be a sibling of a type one diabetic, and what it was like in her shoes growing up. There is an honest truth in what Karen has to say, what she learned, and how she grew up alongside a patient with diabetes. Karen takes it both from a sister and a friend’s perspective. 

Meet Karen Walker

This episode deals with real-life expertise that starts with Colleen getting diagnosed and starting a life of (mis) adventure for Karen. Listeners finally get to understand the real weight of being diabetic, from the sibling’s perspective. It brings a new light to the family aspect of being diabetic.

Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: She got her sensor to work for over 20 days! Pretty impressive when G6 sensor restarts are hit-or-miss!

Jessie’s Fail: Unfortunately, Jessie’s patch (infusion site) fell off in the middle of the night and she had to deal with the consequences of extended high blood sugars throughout the day. 

Tip of the Week

Keep your infusion set clean with a cap! Don’t know how? Well, if you have a Medtronic pump infusion set look into your Mio (or Quick Set) box! Those little caps keep your set clean and protect it from infection when in iffy water, like lakes, rivers, and oceans.

They also come with Tandem infusion sites and generally match the color of your insertion piece.

Now It's Your Turn...

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from knowing someone with type 1 diabetes?

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