May 19


Episode 40: The Glamorous Diabetic, with Doris Hobbs

Today's interview with Doris Hobbs covered a LOT of ground! Learn her diagnosis story, her life philosophy, why she's called the Glamorous Diabetic, and so much more! Doris is a marketing expert and dresses in beautiful vintage 1950s clothes—glamorous all around!


Doris talks about the decision she had to make: fully embrace her diagnosis and live by her philosophy that every setback is a setup for the glamour in life, or go into denial about it. 

Wins & Fails

Colleen's Win: I got my last site down to six units before changing it. I always love running down the cartridge to basically empty because it means I’m not wasting a lot of insulin, and it means I put in the perfect amount to begin with.

Jessie's Fail: Jessie ate some pizza but didn't give enough insulin for it after mis-judging the number of carbs.

Hack of the Week

Join a support group on Facebook that’s geared towards type 1 diabetics. You might have to join a few to find one that really works well for you, but you can find some awesome community and support, and even make new friends, by joining Facebook groups and connecting with people.

Doris Hobbs, marketing expert, Glamorous Diabetic, and T1D advocate, joins us to discuss her diabetes story and how she's created the life of her dreams.

Meet Doris Hobbs

Doris Hobbs Dog on the Porch

Doris Hobbs is known as the Glamourous Diabetic. She’s a marketing expert who works with luxury brands and uses her platform, Rich in Love Fashion, to spread awareness about both types of diabetes.

Doris colors outside the lines and "doesn't play by the rules." She's had diabetes for over 5 years.

Connect with Doris on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. She also has a YouTube show called "Dose of Doris." 

Question for You!

How do you create glamour and elegance in your life, diabetes-related or otherwise?

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