Today we’re talking with Levi Davenport, the YouTuber with the channel Between Two Lines. Levi makes hilarious and informative videos about life with type 1 diabetes. Some of his most popular videos have been about if blood sugar could talk.

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Apologies in advance for the strange crackling at the beginning of the interview; we solved it a few minutes in and the rest of the recording is clean.

Levi’s channel is geared towards what he calls the “middle 60%” of diabetics. He finds that the top 20% are super on top of their diabetes, and the bottom 20% are struggling. The middle 60% resonate a lot with Levi’s message.  

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Jessie’s blood sugar stayed between 80 and 150 mg/dL while re-doing her room.

Colleen’s Fail: My last site, when I pulled it out, actually bled enough to bleed through two layers of clothing and into my chair. ? I usually don’t inspect my sites after pulling them out, so this was a surprise. 

Hack of the Week

When at work or doing something that you might feel uncomfortable with, bring a water bottle. You’ll stay hydrated, have something to do with your hands, and you can take a sip to gather your thoughts. 

Question for You!

Have you seen Levi’s videos before? If not, what are you waiting for? Go check out Levi’s channel, Between Two Lines.

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