Danya Alkhatib shares the rebellious side of diabetes, and what happens when hospitals and doctors treat people with diabetes like numbers instead of humans. 

Danya shares her history being rebellious with her diabetes. She tells about the turning point to taking care of herself and why it’s important for healthcare workers to show compassion for their patients.

Meet Danya Alkhatib

Danya Alkhatib has had type 1 diabetes for 24 years.

She’s finally figured out how to gain balance and control of her T1D.

Check her out on Instagram @dan_alk to keep up with the latest lessons & tips she’s collecting along her adventure with the keto diet.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: She signed up for housing at MSU and said “yes” when asked if she needed accommodations. The college reached out almost immediately to get those details!

Colleen’s Fail: I have a couple of fails. 1) I had to change my site at 1 AM, which hasn’t happened in a really long time. And 2) My insurance sent letters saying they’re not covering Novolog anymore (listen to this episode on non-medical switching) and so I had to jump through hoops to find out if I can still get it under my plan. 

Tip of the Week

Make sure you talk to your college’s disabilities office to find out what accommodations they offer for type 1 diabetics. Also, ask your doctor for their opinions. 

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Now It's Your Turn...

Are you rebellious at all in your diabetes? Do you do or have you done things your doctors would cringe at?

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