This episode is all about scar tissue and site rotation. This is important for type 1 diabetics because, over time, we end up poking or pricking ourselves with a lot of needles, especially if you’re on wearables.

There are several areas on the body you want to avoid for wearables (sensors, sets). Even with those no-go-zones, you still have plenty of real estate on the body to get proper site rotation, and save yourself from too much scar tissue buildup.

Wins & Fails

Colleen’s Win: I did some basal adjustments and correction factor adjustments a few days ago to see if that will help with afternoon lows and my Control IQ settings giving high correction boluses for small spikes.

Jessie’s Win: Jessie’s weight went up even though she thought she was losing some. So, she’s gone back to stricter low-carb eating.

Tip of the Week

Every now and then, try a completely new spot that you’ve never used before. You may find a new site that you like and can incorporate into your rotation going forward.

Diabetes Spotlight

The spotlight this week is on Meghan Trainor, who was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. She called it “a little little tiny bump in the road” and turned its management into a game.

You can read more about Meghan’s story here.

Now It's Your Turn...

What’s your experience with scar tissue? Do you rotate your sites frequently enough to avoid scar tissue buildup?

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