Want to learn about new diabetes technology on the market? Today we’re talking with Delia Scales, founder of Wikihospitals, an organization about making health care sustainable, using new technology and home based care. 

Most people are not aware of the new tech services currently on the market, including diabetes technology beyond the “norm” like CGMs and pumps. Delia uses her nursing experience to let people know that traditional medical services don’t always use modern technology. 

You can discover great products, if you know where to look.

Meet Delia Scales

Delia Scales is a retired nurse. She runs Wikihospitals, an organization discussing common problems in health care and promoting new technology solutions.

Her aim is to educate and inform people so they can seek out better ways to manage their conditions and be aware of new health tech services.

You can connect with Delia primarily on LinkedIn or on Gab. She’s also on Facebook.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Staying on top of her school schedule—she noticed an error and got it corrected before she missed more than one class.

Colleen’s Fail: I changed my sensor and set at the same time and after the sensor warmed up my blood sugar was nice at 110, but then it went up to over 170 and sat there for several hours despite bolusing for it.

Tip of the Week

Find a low carb food you really like and then expand on what you can make with it. My husband Tim does this with his food blog, Split Appetites.

Now It's Your Turn...

What are some obscure or lesser-known technologies or platforms you’ve used or heard of to help manage your diabetes?

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