Today we’re talking about travel as a T1D during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID travel has a lot more restrictions than we’re typically used to, especially as type 1 diabetics.

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The CDC has guidelines on traveling, regardless if you have diabetes. In this episode we share what the CDC says (as of March 13th, when we recorded this). One of the big tips is to pay attention to the restrictions and conditions where you’re traveling.

For more tips on T1D travel, regardless of COVID, check out episode 11.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: Her senior trip is happening! Even if a bit modified, she’s happy that she gets to do something for the end of her senior year.

Colleen’s Fail: I had a significant crash earlier this week after a walk, so when I got home I laid on the couch and had a short 20-25 minute nap while my number came up. The downside was that I was more tired after the nap than before, and then felt less productive.

Hack or Tip of the Week

Have a separate, smaller and condensed-sized bag to carry what you need close to you. Like a fanny pack or an over the shoulder purse that is small enough for what you need rather than over packing. This is to be wary of pick pocketers when traveling. 

Diabetes Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is on a Diabetes Daily article about how to talk more gently to yourself with diabetes.

If you find that your language around diabetes is especially harsh, try flipping these 5 phrases to change your entire perspective on things, improve your mood, and live a fuller, free life with diabetes. 

Instead of…

“I can’t have that,” try “I choose not to have that.”

“My A1c is so bad,” try “I’m working to improve my A1c.”

“I have to work out,” try “I get to work out.”

“I always have to go to the doctor,” try “I get to regularly check-in on my overall health.”

“Diabetes always holds me back,” try “Diabetes lets me slow down and assess what I really need.”

You can find the link to the full article here. It’s so important to be kind to yourself.

Question for You!

Where do you plan to travel next? Out of the country? To a different state? Maybe just answer for yourself instead! 😉

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