April 13


Episode 87: Family Stories About Frederick Banting

Bob Banting is a great-nephew of Frederick Banting, the man who discovered insulin in 1921. Bob and his son Jim joined us for this episode to share little-known stories about Frederick Banting's life as part of the 100-Year Celebration of the discovery of insulin.


Why was diabetes on Frederick Banting's mind prior to 1921? What's the story of the "surreptitious test"? How does it feel to walk the same roads that Banting and Best walked? The Banting nephews share these and more.

Meet Bob & Jim Banting

The Banting great-nephews are chronicling more stories about Frederick Banting on their own podcast, called Life and Times of Sir Frederick Banting

You can email Bob at rdb@banting.ca.

Their website is discoveryofinsulin.com.

Wins & Fails

Jessie's Win: She finished reading Jane Eyre, which she considered a challenge but enjoyed reading it.

Colleen's Fail: I'm in a Diabetes 101 Facebook group, and the massive growth has led to scammers slipping in. If you're a newly diagnosed diabetic (either type) be wary of potential scams in any support groups you join on the internet.

Hack or Tip of the Week

As we talked about in episode 82 about site rotation, try a new site now and again. Jessie finally tried her CGM on the back of her upper arm.

Bob & Jim Banting, great-nephews of Frederick Banting, share little-known stories about the man who discovered insulin 100 years ago.

Question for You!

How does diabetes show up in your family story? What stories do you want the world to hear?

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