Brandon Mouw had a pancreas transplant in December 2018 after an incredible and dangerous journey with brittle diabetes caused by kidney stones.

Brandon has an amazing story. He’s vulnerable and open about his transplant because the process to get pancreas-only is a LOT harder than getting a kidney-pancreas transplant, which insurance covers.

Listen in to hear more.

Meet Brandon Mouw

Brandon was three years old when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

After unexplained kidney stones at age 28, he became a brittle diabetic, underwent 9 surgeries, lost an entire kidney, and finally raised over $250,000 cash for a pancreas-only transplant.

Today, Brandon is a motivational speaker, T1D advocate, and resource for other diabetics on the journey for pancreas-only transplants.

Connect with Brandon on Instagram @brandonmouwofficial or on his website,

(Psst, you can see really cute pics of Brandon’s diabetes alert dog on his Insta!)

Brandon is also releasing a memoir this year, and I had the honor to be a pre-release beta reader! It’s an amazing story, so when it’s released you can come back here for a link to it.

Wins & Fails

Jessie’s Win: She only has a couple more things left to do for her college paperwork!

Colleen’s Fail: I tried putting my sensor on the back of my upper arm instead of its usual place on the side, and it did not go well… There were no comfortable positions while sleeping, and I had a lot of compression lows.

Tip of the Week

Make copies of paperwork you send out. You can use just your phone camera or an app like CamScanner to make sure you have backups. I use CamScanner before paying medical bills in case I need it for documentation.

Now It's Your Turn...

What is your opinion about pancreas transplants? Did Brandon’s story impact you?

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